About BizKit-Tin

The brainchild of a passionate and dedicated Award-Winning Inventor with over 30 years’ experience in Innovation, BizKit-Tin forms part of u-Reka Club, an evolutionary project filled with an ever expanding array of tools and features designed to help Inventors avoid many of the pitfalls that often send them into the abyss, and to help simplify the process of innovation, level the playing field, provide funding sources, and provide an independent route to market for all.

Paul A Sparrow is a Serial Inventor and is responsible for conceiving some very successful projects. Sadly his ideas were plagiarised after being rejected, and taken to market by those he approached for help whilst he continued seeking funding elsewhere.

Unfortunately many people mistakenly think that modifying someone else’s idea makes it a new idea in its own right, but this is simply not true. Building on someone else’s work without crediting them and gaining consent to use their groundwork is still Plagiarism. Which is Illegal!

These are some of the projects that were plagiarised after being rejected, causing Paul immense financial hardship and consequential losses, and making each subsequent project all the harder to develop, produce, and launch.

  • 1989 Peter Pan the Adventure Boardgame – eventually reached the shelves of WHS and Hamleys in 1996. Plagiarised in 1997 after proposing turning it into a TV Gameshow. This went on to become SURVIVOR, the most successful TV Gameshow in history.
  • 1993 A concept to pre-sell products to raise the production funding directly from customers. The concept was eventually copied and became known as CROWDFUNDING in 2006.
  • 1996 A TV Show about Inventors originally pitched as ‘Tycoon’, then ‘I Did This’ and ‘Brainwaves’ in 1998. This went on to become known as DRAGONS DEN in the UK in 2005.
  • 2006 Patented a new concept called ProView, a Mirror System for Levels. This project was branded X-Pro, and has been maliciously blocked from shelves ever since.


The mission for Paul now is to ensure that no other Inventor has to endure this kind of Abuse and IP Rape by establishing a new fully independent Innovation Support Crowd-Fund called BizKit-Tin, and a new fully independent Crowd-Distribution Network called u-Reka Club, aimed at helping all creators around the world to avoid this type of malice and exploitation.

Society has within it a vast array of talents coming from creators right across the spectrum, with Artists, Sculptors, Painters, Musicians, Composers, Actors, Thespians, and many more, all collectively forming a Creative Family within society itself. And all are being exploited in some way or another. u-Reka Club hopes to give them an outlet to express their talents without exploitation or manipulation, and where the community can help support them whilst also sharing in their rewards.

With a strong belief in the Power of the Crowd and a passion for bringing people together, he sees the ‘Crowd’ as a major force for growth.

With the goal of helping each other succeed in a world where we know that those who profess to represent our best interests and welfare are really only out for themselves, we all have the power to make practical change for ourselves, not just for the creative few, but for the benefit of entire global community across the board.

We don’t need them! – We only need US!

We welcome your input, feedback, and suggestions. And being a new concept, please remember there is no path, we carve our own.

If you have any feedback, comments, suggestions, or proposals, please use our Contact Us page to help us to improve.

We are stronger working together as one than we ever could be alone.