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BizKit-Tin is phase 1 of a two-part drive to change the landscape of innovation support, not only for creators, but for the entire global community.


I.e. The act of Intellectual Property ‘IP RAPE’ (Illegal Possession and Redistribution of Artistic and Proprietary Entities.)

Paul A Sparrow is a Serial Inventor responsible for conceiving some highly successful projects. Sadly his ideas were either plagiarised or blocked from reaching shelves via collusion’s between Retailers and competing Suppliers and Manufacturers.


  • 1989 Peter Pan the Adventure Boardgame. This eventually reached the shelves of WHS and Hamleys in 1996. It was Plagiarised by Planet 24 after Paul proposed they jointly turned it into a TV Gameshow. They initially rejected Paul’s proposal, then whilst his back was turned they launched their own derivative as Expedition Robinson in Sweden in 1997. It was renamed SURVIVOR when it launched into the US and UK in 2000-2001 and became the most successful TV Gameshow in history.
    In 1999, Planet 24 was sold to Carlton TV for £15 Million, but just prior to the sale they transferred the ‘Survivor’ rights to ‘Castaway Television Productions’, but Castaway was actually incorporated as Planet 24 Services in 1992 and renamed in 1999 to make use of that date, so as to create a false narrative that they created the show independently.
    Castaway/Survivor was sold to Banijay Productions in 2017 for 416 Million Euro.
  • 1992 A concept to pre-sell products to raise the production funding directly from customers, initially called a Product Launch Platform (PLP). The concept was eventually copied by 2001 and later became known as CROWDFUNDING in 2006.
  • 1996 A TV Show about Inventors originally pitched as ‘Tycoon’ in 1996, then ‘I Did This’ in 1998, and ‘Brainwaves’ in 1999. This was later plagiarised by the BBC and SONY, where it was handed off to Nippon TV in 2001, again to create detachment and a false narrative that they created it independently, and it went on to become known as DRAGONS DEN in the UK in 2005, and Shark Tank in the US and Canada in 2009, claiming all derivatives are from their original Money Tigers show from 2001.
  • 2006 Patented a new concept called ProView, a Mirror System for Levels. This project was branded X-Pro, and has been denied funding and also maliciously blocked from shelves ever since. Even when funding was finally sourced in 2013 manufacturers refused to produce them unless they were given free use of the patents! They remain continually blocked from reaching shop shelves to this day!


It is these experiences that led Paul to create BizKit-Tin and u-Reka Club, to help tackle these issues once and for all, to give Inventors a way forward that puts their interests at the forefront.

Unfortunately many people mistakenly think that modifying someone else’s idea makes it a new idea in its own right, but this is simply not true. Building on someone else’s work without crediting them and gaining consent to use their groundwork is still Plagiarism. Which is Illegal!

These are some of the projects that were plagiarised after being rejected, causing Paul immense financial hardship and consequential losses, which in turn made each subsequent project all that much harder to develop, produce, and launch.

You can see more evidence of these projects and what happened after this Press Release

PRESS RELEASE 06/09/2023: The Mission – A Call to Action

The mission for Paul now is to focus on the ‘Process of Invention’ to identify areas of improvement to help ensure that no other Inventor has to endure this kind of Malicious Abuse and IP Rape by putting out a ‘Call to Unite’ against ‘Parasite Culture’ in the form of ‘Commercial Piracy’ and ‘IP Theft’, by unveiling Initiatives to help Safeguard Ideas, Share Success, and Empower Creative Minds, and to usher in a New Era of ‘Community Collaboration.’

Defining Parasite Culture

The unauthorised use of another’s ideas, concepts, or art. Or the malicious obstruction of projects, aiming to force their patents into collapse. It undermines the very spirit of ingenuity that drives human progress. It stifles innovation by discouraging creators from sharing their work, fearing that their ideas will be unjustly exploited or even blocked by those out to hijack their IP. We recognize the urgent need to combat this culture and to establish an ecosystem where creativity thrives without fear of abuse.

Introducing the future – ‘Crowd-Commerce’ – The way forward.

Today, we are excited to introduce two pioneering new ‘Crowd’ based initiatives, BizKit-Tin and u-Reka Club – jointly designed to help safeguard intellectual property, empower innovators, and cultivate a culture of shared rewards through ‘Crowd-Commerce’.

Together these initiatives offer more than just a solution; they are a movement aimed at uniting individuals, communities, and industries worldwide under a shared mission to support our creative talent, create opportunities, and distribute wealth.

Phase 1: BizKit-Tin – Unleash the true Power of ‘c-Commerce’.

BizKit-Tin (https://bizkitt-in.com), is the brainchild of visionary thinker Paul A Sparrow. BizKit-Tin aims to revolutionise crowdfunding and investment paradigms. Our vision is simple yet powerful: to crowdfund a new Core Innovation Fund that fuels the aspirations of innovators and creators across the globe. Unlike conventional crowdfunding, BizKit-Tin channels donations into a central fund that invests in promising start-ups in exchange for equity. By diversifying investments, this fund turns donations into dividends that are then repeatedly reinvested, perpetually recycling donations into numerous projects rather than one-off donations into individual projects that only benefit that project’s creators. The Community Donates into the fund, whilst the Fund Invests into projects, so there is no expectation of returns to anyone donating.

“Our mission with BizKit-Tin is to provide a sustainable funding lifeline for groundbreaking ventures.” Paul A Sparrow emphasises: “By fostering a collaborative ecosystem, we aim to fortify inventors against the threat of idea theft and enable a diverse range of projects to flourish, while also offering backers the opportunity to share in the collective success of these projects via u-Reka Club”. This approach ensures a constant cycle of growth, as dividends from successful ventures get reinvested into new initiatives, thereby fuelling a cycle of innovation that continues to evolve.

Phase 2: u-Reka Club – Empowering Innovators and Entrepreneurs through Crowd-Distribution and Collaboration

Paul A Sparrow’s ingenuity continues to shine with the unveiling of u-Reka Club (https://u-reka.club), to stand as a bastion against the corrupt forces that impede distribution of innovations. In a world where groundbreaking products are maliciously blocked from entering markets, this concept introduces ‘Crowd-Distribution’ as a groundbreaking evolution of the traditional crowdfunding model, where this approach emerges as a beacon of hope and a powerful countermeasure against the corrupt practices that stifle innovation. As Paul passionately advocates, “We must confront unjust manipulation that forces game-changing products into obscurity so IP can be raped and pillaged by parasites.”

u-Reka Club empowers the public at large to become an integral part of multiple projects by joining global networks of resellers, bringing innovative products to local markets simultaneously, and combating the barriers created by this ‘Parasite Culture.’ As resellers, these individuals not only contribute to the global launch of products, but they also become stakeholders in their success, playing a crucial role in thwarting the unethical practices of Intellectual Property ‘IP RAPE’. This initiative introduces a new ‘Route to Market’, ensuring that brilliant ideas reach the masses without being compromised by parasitic Intellectual Property Rapists and Commercial Pirates.

The nefarious act, where creations are maliciously blocked via collusion’s between manufacturers, suppliers and their respective sales outlets to block and to force another’s IP into the public domain must be brought to light and eradicated. With BizKit-Tin and u-Reka Club, we stand united in our commitment to nurturing innovation, protecting intellectual property, and fostering an environment where creativity thrives.

Join the Movement:

‘u-Reka Club’ is a platform for everyone who values creativity, security, and shared success, and it is a pioneering force in the realm of innovation and intellectual property protection. And the fight against Parasite Culture requires a collective effort. We invite individuals, businesses, policymakers, inventors, artists, entrepreneurs, in fact visionaries in all creative genres across the board to join hands with u-Reka Club in ushering in a new era of creative collaboration and idea protection. By uniting our strengths and expertise in support of each other, together, we can create an environment where innovation flourishes, creators are respected, and all of society reaps the rewards of progress, so that we can pave the way for a future where ideas are cherished, nurtured, protected, celebrated, and rewarded fairly.

How to Get Involved:

To become a part of ‘u-Reka Club’ and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of innovation, visit our website at https://u-reka.club. Sign up to receive updates, engage with like-minded individuals, and explore the possibilities of collaborative success.

And you can also anonymously support our new Core Innovation Fund at: https://bizkit-tin.com.

About Paul A Sparrow: CEO/Founder, mrureka@u-reka.club, UK, +44 (0) 7812 687082.

Paul A Sparrow is a visionary thinker and creator who has dedicated his life to challenging conventional norms and pushing the boundaries of innovation. With BizKit-Tin and u-Reka Club, he aims to inspire a new era of collaboration and empowerment, to reshape the landscape of funding and distribution. His relentless pursuit of progress and justice serves as a beacon of hope for inventors and creators worldwide.

Paul has also experienced Plagiarism with several projects. As can be seen in the video linked below:

Summarised Evidence of Past Projects

In Summary: Paul originally conceived Peter Pan the Adventure Boardgame in 1989, but that was plagiarised when he asked ‘Planet 24’  in 1996 to jointly help transition it into a TV Gameshow. They rejected his proposal only to then release their own derivative called ‘Expedition Robinson’ in Sweden in 1997, behind Paul’s back whilst he was still out seeking funding support, and which was renamed ‘Survivor’ when it launched into the UK in 2001, and the show went on to become a huge global hit. Survivor was sold to Banijay in 2017 for 416 Million Euro.

And during the seven years it took to see the boardgame itself come to life, due to constantly falling outside the goalposts for conventional funding support, in 1992 he also conceived, 11 years before anyone else, what went on to become known as ‘Modern-Day Crowdfunding’. In addition to this, he later developed this concept into what would have also been the world’s first Crowdfunding Platform, but due to the relentless lack of funding support, he was unable to bring in the software developers needed to properly introduce and activate the key features within this unique platform, and so had to shelve it for future review. This image was taken from the 1999 website that was reluctantly taken down in 2002 due to the lack of funding and developer support. Variations in this concept have materialised now all over the world, from ArtistShare in 2001 right through to Indiegogo 2007 and KickStarter 2009 to GoFundMe in 2010. But none have any of the key features that were to be included in his own platform. The Term ‘Crowdfunding’ was first coined in 2006 by Micheal Sullivan.

Conceived in 1992 whilst trying to raise funds for the Boardgame. He had the groundbreaking idea to raise funds directly from his Customers via a Newspaper Campaign, only to discover that it was illegal at the time to ‘Forward Trade’ as it was known back then. Meaning that you could not promote a product unless it already existed. You had to deliver within 30 days or send buyers a full refund. He then spent the next two years funded only by his Income Support Giro’s trying to get the rules changed to allow this type of fund-raising to exist, finally succeeding in February of 1995, when he got a new Clause introduced into the British Codes of Advertising and Promotion. A government printed booklet. Shown below.


He also conceived a TV Show about Inventors, originally pitched as ‘Tycoon’ in 1996, then ‘I Did This’ in 1998, and ‘Brainwaves’, also in 1998, which introduced a completely unique never done on TV concept, in which Inventors and Entrepreneurs were invited onto the TV Show to pitch for investment ‘Live’ on TV. Again, after being rejected, the exact same concept also materialised on TV called ‘Dragons Den’, based on their initial version called ‘Money Tigers’ in Japan in 2001. Paul had pitched this to the BBC and SONY in 1998-9, and he even met with the BBC in 1999 to discuss broadcasting his Brainwaves TV Show for March 2000 8pm on BBC2. For the Millennium.

You can see below three Treatments, which include ‘Brainwaves/Dragons Den’, and ‘Pirates Quest/Survivor/Expedition Robinson’, and Pirates Quest was the Boardgame.

Now his latest ‘X-Pro’ project is being maliciously blocked from reaching shop shelves due to tortious interference from Manufacturers, Distributors, and even Retailers, all colluding to cripple his project, to force his patents into the public domain so they can use it for free. As the invention within is so advanced over their existing stock, it would kill them, and it is often said that these levels would make all other levels obsolete.

Paul still cannot qualify for conventional funding support, which is being used by his competitors as an advantage to protect their own products. So, rather than buy or license the innovation from Paul/X-Pro, they prefer to sit back and wait, shutting him out of the market so as to collapse his business and force his patents into the public domain so they can then use the innovation in their own products without having to pay him any royalties for using his innovation.

This is why Paul is aiming for new laws to protect creators, and is pushing for the current 20 year Patent Period to be brought in line with Copyrights, which last until 70 years after the Authors death. The current system actually forces Inventors into a bottleneck where they are held down until collapse, so their innovations can be raped and plundered legally.

These practices need to be exposed, and the public should be made aware.

Paul has also set up some Petitions to help overcome some of these issues:


Society has within it a vast array of talents coming from creators right across the spectrum, with Musicians, Composers, Actors, Thespians, Sculptors, Painters, Artists, and many more, all collectively forming a Creative Family within society itself. And all are being exploited in some way or another. u-Reka Club hopes to give them an outlet to express their talents without exploitation or manipulation, and where the community can help support them whilst also sharing in their rewards.

With a strong belief in the Power of the Crowd and a passion for bringing people together, he sees the ‘Crowd’ as a major force for growth.

With the goal of helping each other succeed in a world where we know that those who profess to represent our best interests and welfare are really only out for themselves, we all have the power to make practical change for ourselves, not just for the creative few, but for the benefit of entire global community across the board.

We don’t need them! We only need each other!

We welcome feedback, comments, suggestions, proposals, and any other input. So, please use our Contact Us page to help us to improve. And please also remember, there is no path, but working together we can carve out our own.

NOTE: Alone and divided we are fish in a barrel, but together, we can control our own futures!

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