In many cases, with Inventors especially, the only way we can get any help is to help ourselves! This is why BizKit-Tin was created. To establish a new fully independent funding source, and to build a like-minded global community that helps each other succeed.

The BizKit-Tin Core Innovation Fund Concept: If a million people donated £1 each it would create a new fund with £1,000,000 to be invested in new projects. The more people that donate, the bigger the startup fund becomes, and so on. Investments are made in exchange for equity, meaning any dividends coming back from successful projects goes straight back into the core fund, helping it to grow exponentially where it can then help more and more people with their projects. Dividends go into growing the Fund, as it has no Investors or Shareholders.

The steps laid out

  • People donate into the fund
  • The fund invests into projects in exchange for equity
  • The fund receives dividends from those ‘successful’ projects
  • The fund grows exponentially to help others


The brainchild of a passionate and dedicated Award-Winning Inventor with over 30 years’ experience, BizKit-Tin forms an integral part of a new evolutionary innovation support platform called  u-Reka Club, itself filled with an ever expanding array of tools and features, including a built-in Shopping Centre and Social Media section, where collaborations can be made and wares can be sold alongside crowdfunding new projects, all the internal features are designed to help Inventors avoid many of the pitfalls that often send them into the abyss. And its goals are to help simplify the process of innovation, level the playing field, provide funding sources, to provide a fully independent route to market for all. Allowing creators to take full-control of their own portfolios.

If you would like to support creators and help to protect them from the risks of plagiarism, then please make an anonymous donation here, or you can support specific Campaigns directly within u-Reka Club! You could also buy a great new song released on 01/Feb/202 by our alter-ego Piccadilly Pirate on the About page. Just click the button in the header above. All proceeds go into BizKit-Tin.