The brainchild of a passionate and dedicated Award-Winning Inventor with over 30 years’ experience, BizKit-Tin forms an integral part of a new evolutionary innovation support platform,  u-Reka Club, itself filled with an ever expanding array of tools and features designed to help Inventors avoid many of the pitfalls that often send them into the abyss. And its goals are to help simplify the process of innovation, level the playing field, provide funding sources, and provide a fully independent route to market for all. Allowing creators to take full-control of their own portfolios.

The biggest issue next to the lack of funding sources for the creative community is the issue of ‘Parasite Culture’ in the forms of ‘Commercial Piracy’ and ‘IP Rape’ (Illegal Possession and Redistribution of Artistic and Proprietary Entities.). Where Inventors are often turned away when approaching others for help, only to see their ideas taken to market by those that rejected them. But modifying and building upon someone else’s work is still ‘Plagiarism’ and it does not mean they have created a new and original work. Click About BizKit-Tin to see some shocking examples of Stolen IP.

BizKit-Tin is based on an earlier concept that Paul A Sparrow originally conceived in 1992. That concept was plagiarised and later went on to become known as ‘Crowdfunding’.

Paul has resurrected his original concept, and introduced a Core Innovation Support Fund aimed at supporting the creative community. This new ‘Core Fund’ is aimed primarily at those that do not yet meet the criteria demanded by conventional lenders like Banks and Investors. Bearing in mind that ‘Inventions’ by their very nature are new concepts that do not have a track record in the market, and so they can never qualify for conventional funding support.

If you would like to support creators and help to protect them from the risks of plagiarism, then please make an anonymous donation here, or you can support specific Campaigns directly within u-Reka Club!

Concept: A million people donating £1 each creates a new fund with £1,000,000 to be invested in new projects.

NOTE: Paul created the Character of the Piccadilly Pirate as a means to protest Commercial Piracy, in the hope that it will finally get the press to shine a light upon the issue. He has been reaching out to the press for almost 15 years about this issue, but they refuse to engage, and in doing so, they enable this malicious activity to run rife and unabated.

Victims of IP RAPE are continually being robbed blind and all whilst being gagged and ignored by the complete lack of interest and coverage from the Press.